12 years ago today

Today is a very special day for me. And, here I go, getting sentimental.  As we celebrate  Anna Katherine's 12th birthday, I sit and wonder just how the years have flown by so quickly. Maybe it’s because Anna Katherine has given us all so much pleasure from day to day, her genuine laughter, her forever giving spirit, learning to be a true and loving friend or just because I can’t wait to see what she comes up with tomorrow. Actually, I think it’s all of the above and more. So on her birthday I sit and reflect...12 years ago...

12 years ago today, the hospital waiting room was filled with your anxious family. The time had come, after weeks of bed rest, you were not waiting any longer. You were arriving 6 weeks early.
12 years ago today, I lay in a hospital bed, very afraid. The delivery room was filled with a team of ICU nurses. Just waiting on your grand entrance. Praying it was a safe one.
12 years ago today,I thanked God for my perfectly healthy baby girl.  You were so small but you were strong and beautiful, and I thought my heart would break in a million pieces from the love in it.

 12 years ago today, there was not a happier big brother on the face of the earth.
12 years ago today, I got exactly what I had prayed for! A fearless, kind, giving, and energetic bundle of joy.
12 years ago today, I sat and began savoring the moments of having a beautiful baby girl. 
12 years ago today, we wished your daddy's mother had lived to see you. She always wanted a granddaughter. It would have been love at first sight.
12 years ago today, I fell so in love with you. I’d never be the same again.
12 years ago today, I never imagined time would pass so quickly.
I guess I could say that yes…my daughter is beautiful, but she’s beautiful both inside and out. I love her for all that she is today. I can’t wait to see what she brings tomorrow!
No matter how many birthdays come and go, you'll always be my little girl.
 Happy Birthday, my sweet girl!
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