the apple of my eye

Everyone has a weakness and this little guy is mine! Maybe it's because it's been 14 years since my sweet boy was little or  just because my nephew is irresistibly adorable! He loves people, always smiles, he is tiny and loves to be held and cuddled! With this combination, it's hard to say no. 
{A preface: He is an organic/ fresh baby food/cloth diapered prince...I'm quite sure he has never had sugar. My mom once gave him a sip of apple sister found would have thought she had given him marijuana... no wait that's from a plant, might be organic...crack cocaine}
{Big Smile}
So, when he looked at me like this... and it was Halloween...(notice his sweet little hand) 
I knew,  he remembered that sip of sugary apple juice. He was begging to be introduced to some serious processed sugar! 
{So we found a corner of the yard...In total secret, of course... I'm not crazy...I still remember those shrill screams when the juice bottle was discovered}
We were on the look out for his mom! Even with the argument that there was a fresh/organic  apple in the middle, she would not be pleased! 
He was sucking so hard and so fast, his lips were caving in. 
We have a video of the sound... priceless!
Maybe I've created a junkie, but he loves me! 
tragedy strikes!
The apple weighed as much as he did. No problem...he picked it up
grass and all (wouldn't this now make it organic?) He knows if he lets go, it will be many many months before he tastes this again. (because Aunt Heidi will be on babysitting restriction after our secret is discovered)
He didn't miss a beat. And with eyes like that...he could can have anything...except juice!
If he could talk... he would be saying.
"I love your cooking Aunt Heidi, you are the coolest!"
...and Honey made the apples...the same grandmother that gave him the apple juice!
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