dirty wiener

We never ever tire of the wiener dog jokes. The supply is endless.  And, these wiener dog jokes is a big part of our entertainment. {pretty sad} Just looking at our miniature dachshund makes us laugh! Charlie has been in our family for three years. He is our second dog. Jeff knew immediately this was the type of dog our family needed. Definitely not the coolest looking dog, but definitely one of the funniest. And, we do love our wiener.

Charlie is pretty smart and doesn't know he is small.  When you say 'bath' he totally understands what's coming. Just like when you say 'Mary Claire.' He really knows what's coming!
He never ever complains. {in dog language that is}
Even when trapped by the hands of injustice.
He isn't irritatingly needy and doesn't yap. He won't even
 bark when he needs to go out. He just finds you and stares. Because he is a hound, he is a bred hunter. This little guy can hunt hang with the big dogs. 
(remember my rabbits? killed them all.)
Dachshunds have a powerful sense of shame. Oh, it won’t stop them from killing all of your pet rabbits, but they’ll avoid you and hang their heads and not look you in the face afterwards.
They have big brown eyes. He uses them to beg. We can't resist! They are fiercely loyal. 
He's a big dog in a little dog body.
And, who doesn't love a squeaky clean wiener!
{endless supply, I tell you!)
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