The Colonial Cup

Fifteen of the seventeen kids that spent the weekend at The Graves house! 
The weather was perfect!
Goldie and Mary Claire watching the paratroopers. 
Bennett and his best buddy Will. Poor Will had a migraine headache. 
A very-very rare picture of my friend Amy! She was my right hand man this weekend. 
(another thank you goes out!)
I love this picture! You guessed it, because of Beatty and Mary Claire's current trademark teeth. I love them!  Their teeth won't stay like this forever, soon there will be braces and a perfect movie star smile. That's why I am enjoying this snaggle tooth look for now. You will never hear me say, "smile with your lips closed." I love this stage.
Amy trying her best to give Sarah Anne a dog. Showing her pictures, promises her the food...the entire sales pitch!
Jack Russell races
No girl drama, they're sisters!
Filled to the brim with homemade kettle corn, we headed home after a great day. 

The Colonial Cup's children's activities were great. Mary Claire asked, "Are we still going to the Cup in the spring, you know the one where we watch the horses race."
It was an absolutely wonderful weekend!
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