cool store!

This weekend, beside savoring that extra hour of sleep, we found a super cool store! It's a furniture consignment store that sells new and used furniture. 
we fell in love with this monster sofa and decided it was perfect for our playroom.
 It was also new and also a steal!
I really wanted these, but i needed two more to make the set! 
I loved this cottage bar. 
Mary Claire finding entertainment anywhere! 
Daddy was 'so patient and kind' while loading... NOT
Mary Claire dressed herself in head to toe zebra! 
The scarf was such a hoot and she felt so fancy, I didn't dare tell her it was a bit too busy!
She was loving the wheely carts...
But, this too was adding to daddy's anxiety, worried she was going to be hit by a car.
(I was watching her every move)
A surprise picture by Mary Claire. The biggest surprise is that we are smiling (??)
Tara said...

Please share the name of this "Cool Store"...the furniture looks great!

The Manager of Many said...

ooooh where is this? looks like there are some good finds!

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