A.K.A. dirt

germs &Digging through old photographs brought back so many memories. Memories of when parenting was brand new.  Remember those? There's not a more glorious feeling in the world. Looking at all of those new pictures, I was reminded of my brief moments of parenting insanity. Remember those as well? (Please tell me I'm not the only one!)  

One of my biggest moments of insanity was the overwhelming fear of:
{Germs a.k.a. dirt}
I was never this way before and I am not that way now (unless it is the stomach bug) But, from the first moment Bennett was born, I became hyper aware of the germs infested world around us! My pure and delicate baby. So perfect scholars would need to invent new words to describe him. And, he was being bombarded by nastiness. He was born in the winter, flu season, and I felt nearly every virus ridden, grubby-handed person in the South wanted to hold, kiss, poke and cuddle my baby. Could it be everyone around me felt  this new life must be indoctrinated into illness and disease. I asked everyone to wash their hands, flinched if others touched his face or hands. I had bottles of soap everywhere. I preferred  rubbing alcohol, this was before hand sanitizer. You really can’t be too careful.  But, even during my hormonal roller coaster,  I even knew asking others to use alcohol was extreme.  This insanity lasted well for months or at least until my hormones readjusted to human levels.

Then, somewhere along  long the way,  I read
"eating dirt can boost the immune system" 
That would be a life changing quote for my future two children

{Goldie and Mary Claire}

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