don't touch my junk

Daddy has been out of town on business for most of the week. And, we will be one happy crew when he returns later tonight! It's definitely not as much fun when daddy is away! To take the words right out of my kids mouths, "when  daddy is away, there's too much work and not enough play!" Loading the car for the airport,  Bennett said, "Daddy, tell them don't  touch your junk!" (referring to the new TSA full body scanners and the passenger who made that joke) There's been such a huge stink over these new scanners. I hear it every morning on the news. My thought, "Come on people, what's the big deal? It's just an x-ray! My suggestion;  have an airline that scans passengers and an airline that doesn't. YOU choose the airline you would prefer." However, I was under the impression it was just an x-ray! Hubby informed me differently. So what would any curious person do, armed with the full power of Google Image,  search for an answer. The question:
How naked do you look in a full-body scan? 
Oh my, that's pretty darn naked! 
Definitely not just an x-ray.
You are virtually naked
Now, I understand all the fuss about privacy and morals.  No matter if you wear a heavy wool sweater or  tight pleather pants - the machines will display all your  bits! To whoever is on duty. Talk about developing a bad body image! oh my. Even though the images are not 'supposed' to be saved, pictures have been leaked all over the Internet.  And, the alternative pat downs, OH MY. Definitely a no thank you!  Today, I got this funny cartoon from my  brother-in-law.
And, what about the radiation?
What if you fly for business every week?
Is a little racial profiling really all that bad? 
And, to think, I used to worry about removing my shoes!

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