Now that's a long word! It's the procedure Mary Claire had to have done this week. It was simply a 'stomach scope.' She has been complaining of a stomach ache for what seems like forever, so we headed to the Children's hospital to take a look inside her tummy.  We visited Richland's Children Hospital. It was our first time there and it was one of the most wonderful experiences. If you ever get the opportunity to 'choose' a children's hospital, I can't say enough kind things. Walking in the front door was like walking into a beautiful attraction at Disney World. The animal  murals and staff  were amazing. 
But even in the beautifulest of surroundings, seeing the signs for children's oncology unit, I was filled with empathy and compassion of many of the parents that were there. While registering, I noticed a sign on the wall for
Children's Hospice Services
I've heard Hospice is a wonderful service. But, Hospice and Children in the same sentence..... I still can't get that sign out of my mind.   
Mary Claire seemed to actually be excited by the out pouring of attention! The halls were filled with wagon, trikes, toys and games. Here she is with the play therapist. (yes, a play therapist) Who's job it is to make sure she has everything she needs to play with and make her stay wonderful. She was amazing! 
Volunteers at the hospital, make the children these fancy hospital caps. Mary Claire and her hat was a huge source of entertainment! The nurses's kept telling Mary Claire, 
"now that's a new way to wear that cap."
She did great. We will get the results next week. Her biggest concern,  
'keeping the pajamas' 
We asked, they said we could. 
(and it  probably only added $175 to the bill, wink!)
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