Halloween Treats

I Love Halloween! I love the costumes, the excitement, the busy-busy ness. Even setting up the fall festival in the pouring rain, I still couldn't help but to think how much I love this season! Luckily the rain stopped just in time for the activities to begin! It was another great year, full of activities! We started the festivities with our  school's annual festival. It is a highlight every year!
First grade was in charge if the 'Ghost Go Fish" Booth. Anna Katherine is always such a wonderful helper!
Daddy worked "in the box" clipping candy as fast as he could!
My big kids disappeared with their buddies. Here I am trying to snap at least one picture to show my big kids were there!
Anna Katherine and Madeline Maury
It was an absolute beautiful evening! 
Next, Trick-or-Teating on Broad Street. The candidates were out in full force.
(notice the bulldog's sunglasses! It's Patty Rose!)
Here's my nephew in his "Vote for my daddy" shirt ...giving another candidate the evil eye! 
I was shocked at some candidates not so nice campaigning!
Then, it was off to a little girl's 4th birthday party!
Happy Birthday Sarah Anne!
It was a great costume party, complete with the good witch of the south!
We ended the busy weekend with some major sugar highs and a very sick little one. 
Monday morning we are off to see Dr. Joseph!

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