a herd of tweens

A weekend of celebrating! Anna Katherine had a sleepover. A sleepover with 13 'tweens' Can you just imagine the volume of our house for the past 24 hours. (another reason I am thankful to live in the country) I'm still amazed at Anna Katherine incredible group of friends  has. On our trip to Washington, I kept commenting on the behavior of all of the children, it was close to perfect. This weekend was the same. The girls were, of course LOUD (really-really loud), but there was none of the girl drama that usually accompanies this age. During our craft, I kept hearing them compliment others drawings and kind heartily joke about their drawing's features. It was a nice experience for a mom.
Our party favor 
"Girl's night in pillow cases" 
They signed each others case!
A little shopping at Sandhills.
Thank you, thank you to my friend Amy. She hung with me and carted kids all over the place, all weekend. She is the best, Jeff especially thanks you!
 Dinner at Brixx
Every time my kids leave to stay with friends they get the same reminder:
"Say thank you, yes ma m, please, thank you and never-ever say you don't like the food they serve you." I've told them, 'if your guests serve you dog food, say thank you and just do not eat it.' Theses kids never complained, but I pray I do not have that one kid who only likes 'one certain food, cooked one certain way and served on a red dish at 6:15 pm.' I always chuckle! 
Marble Slab cake..... so-so good! 
Did you know mint ice cream can give certain kids strep throat? 
 (just kidding of course, inside joke for Amy!)
Then, home for a shower...all 17 children sleeping in our house.  Lights out at 12:00 doesn't mean kids asleep at 12:00. It was hilarious!
Mary Claire and Goldie were banned from the big girl activities almost the entire night. They did not take kindly to this concept!  Bennett also had a friend over and they hung out with daddy and the big boys. They finally tuckered out around 11pm!
Highlight of my night:
Scaring the all boys to the point of tears. The girls hid behind hay-bales, in total silence, in  the pitch dark. The were looking for a wild hog. At just the right moment, all 13 jumped out and grabbed them.
 It was priceless. 
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