perfect Christmas card picture

How to get the perfect Christmas card picture in ten minutes 

Baaaaaah! Now that's funny! Each year, around this time, we try for that one picture... The oh so dreaded image...
The Christmas Card Picture. 
On Saturday, we had a warm up session. Not for our card, but some pictures for my  above blog banner. (not nearly as intense, haha!) Even though I take pictures all of the time, for other people....photographing my own children in a posed setting.... an entire different ball game. In ten steps, I can usually get something I can use.
Our session goes something like this:
First I say,
"Please do this quickly and nicely, so we can be done soon."
Step 2
"Do you know all that I do for you? THIS IS ALL I ASK. Please cooperate." 
(you can see them rolling their eyes, whatever, she thinks this is all she ask for. yeah right, not mention the list of daily chores)
Step 3
"Do you know how much this means to me? Please..."
Step 4
"Please do this. And, get that look off your face!"
Step 5
"OK, do you want to go to the dollar store?" 
That's even funnier now that they really know what a dollar gets them.
Step 6
"I'll take you to Wal-Mart."
Step 7
"SIT DOWN and BE STILL, every time you move, your hair moves,your dress moves.. SIT STILL! Mary Claire, what are you doing?"

Step 8
"So help me if you move or or clown around again, I'm getting the wooden spoon!  "

Step 9
"Move again... I dare you
Get the acorns out of your nose. They could kill you! 
Anna Katherine, go get your daddy." 
(an empty threat, he will just laugh behind me and keep saying, you've got it already.)
FINAL step
"Fine, I'm done, get in the car.... I'm taking you to that picture place in the mall and THEY can do it. I'll ask for the most embarrassing background they have and you will wear santa hats! Maybe they'll have Spongebob in a sleigh background or Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer. Your friends would love that, you'd be the talk of the school. OR, we can just keep trying everyday, over and over UNTIL YOU LOOK PERFECT and HAPPY and WHOLESOME and LOVING and KIND. I have all the time in the world."
Today will be a repeat of the above conversation. 
We are trying for the real card today.

The Manager of Many said...

so funny! I love this. i think everyone can relate! i did a similar post a few years ago about getting a family picture. i am actually fussing at them in one of the pictures my mom took. it was too funny not to share.
great post!

Melinda said...

This was great...have you been spying on me? This is exactly what it sounds like in my house when we try to get that Christmas pic. I was laughing out loud when I read this!!

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