Mission Trip {part 2}

Again, I can't say enough about this powerful mission trip we took to deep Hills of West Virginia. A friend recommended  this book. It was an autobiography about a girl growing up in West Virginia.It was a very powerful story, that took place in the  exact town we visited.
Welch West Virginia I read it once within 24 hours, then again over a couple days. (and I am a very-very slow reader)  It is a phenomenal book that illustrates the situations we witnessed.
This sweet lady had a daughter and granddaughter caught in the grips of drug abuse. 
Powerful event  
This young girl stopped by to pick up a food box. 
she got saved.
It was very hard to believe families lived in homes like this one. It reminded me of  the house in Glass Castle.
There were hungry animals everywhere. Anna Katherine said next time, "I'm bringing animal treats, too."
Cats are my soft spot. I wish we could have taken this guy home.
Traveling into the hollows
My mom, {aka Honey} She has such a giving spirit. Anna Katherine is so much like her, looks and all. She was in her element.
The new leader of the outreach center. His father found our group and asked for the men to pray over him. I may have mentioned before, that the man in the blue shirt, Bruce, can pray like none other. It is an amazing sight to see the Holy Spirit in him. Even sweet Anna Katherine said, "Mom, he sure is a good prayer."
Why, I just thought this was so funny.
The biggest concern in these hills is heat durning the winter. The weather is bitter in the winter months. Most families do not have enough money for coal/wood or food. Most choose coal and many many go hungry. 
Our second mission project was not completed. We didn't realize that we were visiting on the day Government checks were delivered. The director of the center said many of the people we saw would be very high on drugs. And that is exactly what we witnessed here. His roof was falling in and we had brought the materials to fix it. They were so high on drugs after two attempts begging him to allow ius to help, we decided it was not going to happen.
A few pictures from a downtown neighborhood.
A dreary  drive home.
Brantley said...

Thank you for sharing that!! How appropriate, just before Thanksgiving...and a good reminder of what's really important in life! The Glass Castle is one of my favorite books.

Samantha said...

That is my all time favorite book! You should read her other book Half Broke Horses. She is a great writer!

Anonymous said...

That last picture you posted was of Keystone,WV. The bank there was one of the top rated banks in America about 15 or 20 years ago,as they had some of the best return rates in the country. I know people that lost millions of dollars, as three people in bank were embezzeling money. This town was a much different place when the bank was in business. I love these pictures, and hope that you will share some more soon, believe it or not, they make me miss where I come from. I have seen these homes hundreds of times growing up, as I used to live in Welch when it was a coal booming town. Thanks for sharing! Lisa

Anonymous said...

Oh, as for the Glass Castle, it was my great Aunt's son George Neal, not sure how that is related to me, that gave her a job teaching. He was the principal in the book, I think that is when she was first working in Gary, WV.

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