Monday & Thanksgiving

 It's Monday... my favorite day of the week. {seriously} I work on the weekends, so I consider Mondays my Saturdays! It was a busy, but fantastic weekend! After taking over 7,000 photographs {again, seriously} and celebrating an early Thanksgiving, I'm going enjoy a low key day. I'm slowly drinking my pot cup of coffee, reading a few blogs, listening to a little bit of the TODAY show and then heading out for an exta-extra long run! I hear these beautiful fall mornings are numbered! Cold rain is heading our way!
We celebrated Thanksgiving with daddy's family on Sunday. The weather was perfect and the moon was amazing!
 Trying to take one posed picture. 
"Bennett, please put your arms around your sisters and smile." 
This is what I get. What I really need to do is post some of the real out-takes!
 I have a feeling Mary Claire may be getting "Pony on the brain again." She has only asked for one every Christmas since she could talk. 
The Heavenly Honey Baked Ham
It's irresistible! It picked on before dinner even begins.
My sister in law can't stand that word! So, I try to use it as much as possible. We once made a list of things on Facebook that drive us nuts. One of her's was the word yummy.
Mine.....I'll save those for later, the list was long!
As always, great conversation. 
My father in law gave me a compliment. One that I am still pondering and  laughing over! He said,
"Heidi, you really have a gift"
(aahh, thank you. Thinking he could my pumpkin pie or maybe my relentless picture taking)
"You can always make things look better than they really are."
(I'm still laughing! It could apply to so many things!)
 {Photo Bombers}
We always have live entertainment

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