Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving
The big day arrived... Someone (not me this year) did the slaving over the stove.  This year my family was due to arrive for Thanksgiving dinner, at my house,  at 12:30. I had lots to do. So, my morning planned down to the minute. Until... 
My out of town family arrived 2 hours early...all of them, in a caravan... my grandmother, my cousins, my uncles...etc. 
I was in sweaty exercise cloths, my assigned food was not prepared, my dog was not hidden (my grandmother thinks animals are absolutely filthy, so we hide him), my floor was not swept, Thanksgiving craft half ready, table not set,  my kids were still in PJ's and my husband had a glazed look on his face... as everyone filed in.  
We quickly switched to 'emergency mode' and all five looked presentable in under 30 minutes. 
Behind closed doors it was not a pretty sight.
My food didn't get cooked, my floor stayed unswept and  my grandmother now knows we have a  dog who lives in the house. And, she will probably never eat food prepared here again. But, I'm happy we got to see the for an extra couple hours. My sister arrived right on time, the correct time.
There were no pictures taken before our dinner, it took me two hours to calm down.

 It was a beautiful day, with perfect weather.  A day to  stop and reflect on how fortunate we really are. We have a wonderful family. There is never any of the drama you sometimes hear about. Even though we are all very different, it's pretty amazing how everyone loves everyone, all of the time.  We have a roof over our heads,  good health all around, food on the table,  means of transportation and we have  clean water and electricity. A little trip to West Virginia helps put things into perspective. We enjoyed a beautiful walk in the country.(And, a little thanks to the USC Gamecocks... They are SEC champions)We enjoyed a beautiful walk in the country.
( I think my hair was still wet from my mad dash a couple hours earlier.)

 "Ebony and Ivory....." 
Sing it together now...
My husband and brother in law
Honestly, the only thing in that cup was iced tea.
 And yes...he definitely dances like a white-white boy.

{Take notice of the horse's tongue!}
My sister and her children
Our little Indians. They are aiming their bows right for us!
Why was Bennett not  featured anywhere above?
Immediately after dinner, he left, without as much of a goodbye. 
He couldn't wait. 
He spent the day hunting with my uncles. 

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