Busy-Busy-Busy has been our week. I love the hustle and bustle of Christmas time. Hubby and I are last minute shoppers, so we will hopefully finish up our shopping today. Here's some highlights of our week:

 Our church's Christmas performance.  Here's a short video of my husbands solo.  Love this man and never tire of this amazing voice! (but, if you choose to watch, you may want to close your eyes, the video is conformation a new camera must be in my future. And, due to the fact I had to shrink it to a thumbnail.)

  It's been cold and rainy here in the south.  We kept busy making goodies and baking treats.  I found this precious owl craft on a favorite blog of mine, Clover Lane.  You can find all of the directions there. Mary Claire was in charge of gluing the eyes, after ten minutes, she was ready to be done. So many of our late owls look a little crazed and frazzeled.
Aren't they precious! We wrapped them for family gifts at out Christmas Eve get-together.
We made gingerbread men from the store bought mix. Just as I had heard, they look great but taste yuck! Definitely need a homemade recipe. We froze a couple for Santa even though they were not at a high risk of being eaten-yuck. Last year on Christmas Eve, we were all out of cookies, imagine that! Santa got Ritz crackers and milk.
 I love Christmas plates. My favorite place to buy them; Cracker Barrel
We made peppermint brownies for the Fed-x and UPS guys. Husband and I both work at home, so we know the many delivery men. 
We finally got the tree for the playroom, and it's only a few days until Christmas. The downstairs tree is mom's to decorate. The playroom tree is always the favorite, it's where we celebrate Christmas morning. It's always a cedar tree, always wild and bushy, and always smells wonderful and is d-e-c-o-r-a-t-e-d! tinsel, paper chains, whatever the kids want! I will definitely photograph when it is complete.
We are all excited, only a few more days to go! Doesn't Charlie look excited?
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