cookies with Santa

Another great cookies with Santa! We did find a Santa, at the very-very last minute! Kim knew someone, who was related to someone.... and he was a GREAT Santa! The kids talked and played with him all evening! Mary Claire came around, sat with Santa, kool-aide mustache and all. She agreed; he was not a shure-bert!
The fun pictures were taken during the final hours of my best friend camera. This was the evening, I knew Camera Hospice finally needed to be called in. 
(I'll post tomorrow about the cameras on my wish list.)
Sarah Anne also decided she liked Santa. After a few minutes she was a FAN!
 Mary Claire (who's new favorite method of transportation is cartwheeling) tried to wow Santa Clause with a few sweet moves.
 My sister did a fabulous job coordinating the cookie decorating. 
Many of the children this year were not fans of Santa. Don't we all have at least one crying Santa picture. I have at least 6 or 7 years worth, where at least one of my kids were crying. I told Santa this year, "Hold onto them and smile!"  

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