daddy's home

Daddy's Home!
Daddy's Home!
Daddy's Home!
It's been a long 7 days without him. We are used to him traveling, but never has he left us for over a week during the Christmas rush! Mary Claire has taken over his spot in bed, AK has taken over his computer, Bennett has helped himself to all the guitars and the bathroom counter has been all mine. Not to mention his company car! (first thing Saturday morning, we are mucking that thing out!)  We have broken many rules, dinner out, bedtimes a little earlier and sometimes a little later, watching our shows, eating in his car and 
 leaving for school extra early. 
 It's been quite awhile since I have done school drop off for an entire week. Daddy takes, mom picks up. But, the mornings have been nice. But, one day I will regret my clothing choices for the ride to school. It's pretty DaRn scary! Hair up, no make up, glasses, always mismatching sweat shirts, sometimes pajama pants, one day AK's UGGs with cropped yoga pants and a baseball cap, just frightening!  I worry about having an accident and other things that would require me leave the confines of my car. Not a huge worry, not many would recognize me.
 (excuse the blur.. I took this picture while driving)
 Anna Katherine: Only Anna Katherine... 
She isn't doing homework due that day...
she is working ahead...
Not everyone enjoys mom's December car rule: 
Christmas Music Only
Happy daddy is home!

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