Gamecocks, Tiggers & Eeyores

This weekend we cheered on our Gamecocks! They didn't win and that's OK, they are still our number 1.  We are proud to have gotten this far! And, I'm proud to say, I went to the school I'm cheering for!
OPPS, did I just let my biggest pet peeve slip out? 
YES! Yes, I did!  I'll try not to elaborate (too much), because if you know me personally, we've probably had this discussion. In a tiny nutshell.... what kind of drives me nuts are the  die hard fans-who eat & breath a team- decorate their home and cars- for college they never went to
 I don't get it.  
I'm not talking about the casual fan. I' referring to the over the top, name calling, paint your body, shave your head fan, who went to another random school. We explained to our children, "We are Gamecock fans. WHY? Because I went to USC and your uncles went to USC. That makes us Gamecock fans. It's OK to love other teams, Clemson is an awesome school. If  you choose to attend Clemson (or any other school) We will then eat & breath your team and decorate our homes and cars in the appropriate colors. But, we must wait to have affiliation with the school!   You should never-ever want a team to loose. So, unless a team is playing your school, we never should wish harm on another school. SO you may eat & breath & decorate our home and cars for the following colleges: 
The Columbia College Koala Bear  (laugh if you wish, I would too, it's an all girls school)
or the USC Gamecocks or the Wingate University Bulldogs
or the WH Barons
You are welcome to wear any other teams shirts. We should all have good sportsmanship, cheer others on and most importantly, pass these traits on to our children.
I'm going to stop now, because I don't want to rant...and I'm feeling it. 
So, to all of the die hard fans whether you went to the college or not, I get it Only Eeyores name call and want  to see others loose. Randy Pausch had it right; You are either a Tigger or and Eeyore. If you have  a minute, read his comparisons. 

 Randy Pausch's  /  Tiggers and Eeyores
Which one are you?

When you think of "Tigger", what comes to mind? What is he like?
(happy, silly, energetic, positive, not too smart, carefree, ...)
When you think of "Eeyore", what comes to mind?
(sad, slow, dejected, pessimistic)

When anything happens, Eeyore expects the worst. He expects the weather to be rainy, the shelter to be uncomfortable, the hike to be too long, the water be too warm and the food too cold. He sets his expectations way low so he is seldom disappointed, but then he has nothing to look forward to.

Tigger, on the other hand, sees fun and adventure in everything. He hops rather than walk, jumps rather than run, and bounces rather than sit still. He sees the rainbow through the clouds, notices something new at every step of a hike, and believes every minute of life is a gift to enjoy. He may not think things through, but he is always looking ahead to the next adventure.

So, who are you? Are you more of an Eeyore, plodding through life, sure that school will be hard, friends will be few, and there won't be much fun to do on the weekend? Or are you like Tigger, ready to make every task a game, every day an adventure, and every challenge an opportunity?

If you’re a Tigger, you say things like…
___“Happiness is a choice.”
___ “Look on the bright side.”
___ “Smile!”
___ “Fake it ‘till you feel it.”
Tiggers believe that their point of view is more socially valuable, more thoughtful, more realistic, and more morally admirable than that of Eeyores.

If you’re an Eeyore, you say things like…
___ “No one can be cheerful all the time. It’s fake.”
___ “Thinking the glass is always half-full isn’t realistic. It’s 
___ “If someone asks me, ‘How are you?’ I’m going to tell the truth, even if people don’t want an honest answer.”
___ “Authenticity is important to me. I hate phonies.”
Eeyores believe that their point of view is more socially valuable, more thoughtful, more realistic, and more morally admirable than that of Tiggers.

Tensions arise when a Tigger and an Eeyore strive to convert each other. The more they try to convince each other to adopt a different perspective, the more the other resists. Tiggers fear being dragged down by the Eeyores, and Eeyores feel resentful and irritated by the Tiggers’ insistent cheer.

Tiggers: remember, you can’t make someone happy. Let your happiness naturally rub off on the Eeyores, but don’t exhaust yourself trying to jolly them along. Telling Eeyores “Cheer up!” or refusing to acknowledge anything negative won’t make them cheerier. Your effort will just drain you, and it will irritate the Eeyores – in fact, they’ll probably hold more stubbornly to their worldview, and may become even more intensely negative to counter-balance your positivity. The opposite of what you want!
They may feel that you're being intolerant of people who think differently from you, and that you want to deny and invalidate their point of view. Your attempts to bring cheer may feel intrusive and suffocating.

Eeyores: remember, you believe you’re being “realistic” and “honest,” but Tiggers may find you gloomy and critical. Because your downbeat emotions are catching (a phenomenon called “emotional contagion”), they dread being sucked into your negativity.
Remember, too, that while you believe that some Tiggers are “fake,” their extreme cheerfulness may be in reaction to you – yes, you may be inciting the very Tiggerness that is driving you crazy! – as a counter-balance against your attitudes; or the extreme cheerfulness may be in reaction to some major happiness challenge elsewhere in their lives. Cut them a little slack.
Research and experience show that the “fake it ‘till you feel it” strategy really does work. People who act happier, friendlier, and more energetic will help themselves feel happier, friendlier, and more energetic (the opposite is also true). Tiggers often act Tiggerish because they’re trying to keep that Tigger flame alive.

For both Tiggers and Eeyores, a good strategy is not to try to make conversions. These efforts are depleting, frustrating, and even worse—polarizing. People may become more Tiggerish, or more Eeyorish, the more vehemently you present the opposing viewpoint. You say you’re trying to be helpful, but are you really helping? Are your words having the effect you want? Tiggers and Eeyores alike are often proud of their identities; they aren’t going to be talked out of them.
And a special note to the Eeyores: the fact is, most people don’t like feeling down. One of the most common happiness questions I hear is, “How do I protect myself from someone who is constantly negative?” If being around you is a downer, many people will try to avoid you or insulate themselves from you. Whether or not this should be true, it is true. Think about it.
So what to do? Tiggers, Eeyores, let your actions and attitude speak for themselves. Do what’s right for you, and don’t worry about explicitly persuading other people to change their views (even if you know you’reright). Don’t flatly deny someone’s viewpoint – “Things aren’t that bad!” “You have to face facts!” – but briefly acknowledge their perspective. Be yourself. As Samuel Johnson observed, “Example is always more efficacious than precepts.”
Referring to Winnie-the-Pooh perhaps put me in mind to recall one of my favorite scenes in all of children’s literature – the delicious defense of Lucy in C. S. Lewis’s Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Lucy has told her brothers and sister that she’s traveled through a wardrobe into the magical kingdom of Narnia. They think that she’s either lying or going mad. The two oldest children consult with the elderly Professor:

"But what are we to do?" said Susan. She felt that the conversation was beginning to get off the point.
"My dear young lady," said the Professor, suddenly looking up with a very sharp expression at both of them, "there is one plan which no one has yet suggested and which is well worth trying."
"What's that?" said Susan.
"We might all try minding our own business," said he. And that was the end of that conversation.

Tiggers say GO GAMECOCKS and Congratulations Auburn! 
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