collards and deer

Getting ready for our New Year's feast! Good old collard greens, black eyed peas and wild meat! 
(Gotta love the ensemble.   half  PJ's - half in rain wear. Out errands were supposed to be run 'from the car))
 Lots of 'luck' coming our way in 2011
 My son, the game hunter, has killed his share of deer this season. My rule, you kill it, we you eat it. But, other than jerky sticks, we haven't 'eaten' any yet.  I attempted to cook the cube steak and I swear it gave me strep throat. (well, if mint ice cream can give you strep, couldn't deer meat? That was for you Amy!) No, of course it didn't give me strep throat, but the smell of wild game slow cooking amongst onions, for 5 hours  did make me sick! So sick, I had to eat a sausage biscuit to fight off the morning sickness. (I ate pig, to help me from being sick from deer... I need therapy!) When the meat was all done, no one would even taste it. So if anyone would like deer meat... we have a freezer full and I will deliver.
bevy said...

We are going to the country for New Years and will have lots of both! I'm bringing The Pioneer Woman's Black-Eyed Pea Dip. A little twist on good luck!

Happy New Year!

PS I was looking around your posts, and we have another mutual friend: Fair Arial. I knew her when she lived in Columbia. And I know her sweet mother-in-law!

Brantley said...

We love venison! I can send you some good recipes if you want to give it another shot... :) We had venison twice today...sausage for breakfast and I made lasagna with it for supper!

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