Happy Birthday

Friday evening we packed up and headed 'over the river and through the woods' to Honey and PaPa Gene's house, for their annual "Happy Birthday Jesus" party.
Since they only spend half of their week in Irmo, a few years ago, they down sized to a patio home. Very cozy, but a tight fit for ten. These six children reeked havoc on this pristinely spotless home!
I can't thank you enough for bringing more 'joyful' noise into our home. Who wouldn't want to become an instant rock star? Guess who this was from.... Stephen! Notice him chilling out in the background? The Paper Jamz will fix that! 
Oohh la-la! The shoes Anna Katherine has been begging for! I still can't believe these are 'back' in style
Baby boy loved the balloons!
A priceless gift I must share! I love little presents that friends and family have put lots of thought into! My buddy Shannon gave us this!
A redneck wiener dog
 Complete with the banjo for my music loving husband and a redneck looking hat for my son! We all commented, it's great that it's not an ornament...because we can keep it out all year... we just have to find the perfect spot!
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