house minus the hot glue

Gingerbread House: A Christmas tradition my kids love! This year we didn't use the glue gun. Many years ago, we had trouble keeping the frame of the house together. Solution: Hot glue. It worked like a charm! But, it also meant the kids could eat the candy, but they couldn't eat the cookie. This year, we decided to try again. We bought the fresh  fresher cookie kit. The gingerbread smelled wonderful and the white icing was the consistency of Elmer's glue. ) We thought, this might just work! Our house might stay together. 
For some reason, Mary Claire's house gave us the most grief. 
So they didn't really look like the picture. But, the gingerbread was delicious (once you scraped off the white glue icing) The girls loved it, but agreed, next year, we'll use the hot glue.

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