shopping with the naughty & nice

It's not officially Christmas until you visit the mall!  Or. at least that's what Anna Katherine thinks. My girls had been planning this trip all week. My nieces were  to spend the weekend with us while their parents were in Atlanta cheering on the Gamecocks! But, Liza got  sick, my mom took the baby, so we Sarah Anne. Still excited, we headed to Columbia. Our first sop was a haircut for me! (I put it off and put it off until my ponytail starts to resemble something from I Dream of Genie" ) Sarah Anne also needed a trim, but that was not in her game-plan. We used some trickery to get it cut. She 'cut' my hair, while Honey cut hers. I pray she doesn't try this at home.
Off  to the mall. There were NO parking spaces! We waited, circled and then walked. First step, Build-a-Bear. Mary Claire had saved up her money (all $6 that she conveniently earned by finding  around the house)  The new Build-a-Bear Rudolph's are precious and only $23.  Luckily we were able to escaped with only a $4 collar and not a $15 outfit.        
The girls were so worried that Liza was not there. They made her a 'get well' reindeer.
And they each kissed a heart and put it inside her deer.....aaahhhhh, how sweet!!  I'd love to claim that they thought of this on their own, because they are perfect {wink} But, it was the stuffing lady's suggestion.
 Roger workin' it for the ladies. This scene repeated itself throughout the day.

Anna Katherine loving every minute!
 Then we come to the highlight of our day. Our plan was to sit on Santa's lap. 
Sarah Anne and Mary Claire wanted no part of this. They informed me before we left home they were not sitting on his lap. I asked why. Are you worried about the nice or naughty list? They said nothing-No answer. My thoughts; if Santa has a Naughty List, there's a possibility these two chiefs are listed near the top. 
Sarah Anne checking out the situation.
Mary Claire also checking out the situation. 
She's older,  she knows the stakes are high and her odds could be higher!

 The chiefs forming an alliance. Or planning some Santa intimidation tactics.
 Five minutes in line and it was not looking good.
 Mary Claire decides the odds are just too high. Somethings are better left unknown.
Sarah Anne's feet are planted firm.  Honey is trying to convince Santa is sweet . Sarah Anne's thinking, 
"That stinking ELF on the SHELF! I knew he was a tattle tale!"
She's not moving.
 Sarah Anne, putting as much distance between herself and Santa as possible. It wasn't happening! I told them to be on their best behavior, Santa's still watching. We'd  will try again next week.
 Shopping in my favorite department. Land's End at Sears. I could have filled a bag or two, but I left empty handed, which was a good thing! Got to wait for the after Christmas sale!
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