This afternoon is the annual Cookies with Santa at our country club. And, it's Friday morning and we still do not have a confirmed Santa. My husband flat out refuses. (not sure exactly why he is so adamant about not being Santa. Won't even hear of it, angry elf syndrome I'm guessing.) The girls on the committee will be in hot search today. 
Mary Claire is still saying she will not sit on Santa's lap. This has puzzled us. She is 7 and was not afraid of Santa last year. This was our conversation before school this morning, her choice of words are proof number one: she has older siblings and number two: mom watches Nancy Grace with the volume a little too high:
"Mary Claire are you going to sit on Santa's lap today?"

"Momma, I am not sitting on that Santa's lap. He is not the real Santa. {pause} I'm not sitting on a random man's lap, you know he could be a shure-bert (a pervert)."

 And, the response to that should be......??????
 Our Santa's in the past, I assure you have not been shure-berts!! 
Here's Rich, the best Santa yet!
 What happens when your kids won't put on their Christmas outfits? You bring them in whatever. Here's Kim's kids half in Christmas clothes and half in their bathing suits.
 My buddy Shannon 
If you're in the area and are free this afternoon and want to dress in a Santa suit, give my sister a call. 
The Manager of Many said...

oh my goodness!! i am cracking up!! i love it! and by the way...we use a santa for the JLC pj's with santa event who is wonderful and has been very reasonable. i can get his # for future reference if you'd like.
merry christmas!!!

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