a simple Christmas day

Our Christmas Eve family get together with aunts, uncles, cousins.... Spending time with them made for a wonderful day. Anna Katherine made cupcakes and my my brought the cakes. It's funny with all of the delicious homemade cakes, kids will still choose a boxed cupcake. It's all in the packaging
Chinese gift exchange, aren't they the best! You always want to bring that one gift people will fight tooth and nail for. This year, I knew my gift would be it!  A framed picture of Uncle Stephen dancing. {If you do not know my brother in law and you are a fan of the show The Office, Stephen is my Dwight.}
I anticipated this picture being such a hit, I framed a second picture. Anna Katherine left with this beauty! (She loves her uncle Stephen, so it will most likely remain as is.)
Enjoying our family time!
Celebrating our Savior's birth and His saving grace makes our Christmas Eve candlelight service my favorite family events of all.

 Mary Claire before our the service, playing with the candles she says, "Wow, it  sounds like Christmas in here.
My sweet little southern town. We love to drive and look at the lights. No matter how small and simple or huge and elaborate, we encourage them to be thankful that people care enough to decorate... for us to enjoy. My kids will hopefully remember these same sights forever. 
Mary Claire was especially sad to say good-bye to Buddy. She wrote a note to Santa asking him if buddy could please stay all year. He has been full of mischief this year. One night, he used mom's camera to photograph himself all over the house. (the pictures puzzled Mary Claire for days)
We enjoyed a simple Christmas day, waking up at 4:48 am, baking goodies, watching the classics, hoping for snow and visiting family. Trying to slow down, remember Christ and keep it simple. 

The Manager of Many said...

great post! loooove the pics. and love that MC wrote santa a note asking if buddy could stay. mine did that last year. so our elves stay, but have no powers until next Christmas.
also, Shan and I were wondering about your session fees and if you'd come to columbia or if we should come to you. you can email me if you want to. claudia@letterbugz.com
MERRY CHRISTMAS blog friend!!!

Kerri said...

I have enjoyed reading your last several posts...thanks for visiting my blog! It's nice to meet you! First of all...your blog header is stunning! I LOVE IT! Your picutres on your blog are amazing. I can't wait until the day I can get a real camera...and maybe some classes to learn to use it! I love the last picture of your Christmas tree. And how cute that Buddy took all those pictures of himself! :)
Oh, and we love the Office...very sad that Michael won't be back next year.

bevy said...

OMW! I didn't know you knew Manager of Many! I used to live in Columbia.

Also, I was peeking around a few of your other posts and my aunt is Laura Barr (Wilson Hall)!!!

Love your posts and look forward to reading more!

Amanda said...

wow looks like a beautiful christmas

I laughed at what buddy did.

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