I love family crafts that I can display year to year. This Thanksgiving, I asked each family member that visited to create an ornament showing something they were thankful for. The ornaments were so unique and ones I will treasure forever!
 I bought heavy burlap and cut circles with my pinking shears. We used permanent markers to decorate.
 PaPa Gene  chose family. So sweet, but you may want to use the 'other than family' rule so they are unique.  Here were some of my favorites; Liza-Giraffes, Mary Claire- her camera and Jesus, Bennett- Life, he covered all bases, my grandmother- her pink pajamas, Stephen-Gamecocks victory...
The I dipped the all in fabric stiffener. 
They will look like the ink is running, but they dry perfect! I sandwiched mine between parchment parer and a cookie sheet for a few minutes to flatten.
My kitchen centerpiece
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