We don’t take snow for granted

It’s great to live in the South…  We don’t take snow for granted.  
We got a few inches the day after Christmas
Anna Katherine snapped this picture with her camera. 
 We had a wonderful visit with Kelly and her family. We ate buffet style, the kids ran wild, the dogs ran wild, the husbands talked and we laughed and laughed. If you know Kelly, you know! We had plans for a grown up dinner out, but we were having so much fun watching the kids, drinking coffee, catching up... we stayed put. We were all so sad to see them go.
Our late night, icy cold bonfire.

Lorri said...

I think those of us that live in the south always appreciate a little snow. It was a sweet gift on Christmas day. It has been on the ground for 3 days! More snow to come!

Jo said...

What a beautiful winter wonderland! We are just finishing the clean up from our blizzard here in CT.

Stay warm and cozy ~

Amanda said...

wow your little bit of snow looks beautiful. love the pictures

Tessa said...

thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comment. YOUR photos and FAMILY are gorgeous! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!

Town and Country Mom said...

Thanks so much for stopping by Town and Country Mom! I'm so happy to have found your blog--I love it! Happy New Year!

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