parades & twilight turtles

My Christmas Cards are in the mail...later than ever.
 It was a great weekend (don't we all say that on a Monday blog post?) My weekend was packed full of Christmas events both big and small; parades, plays, church activities, shopping, baking and a broken camera... {tear} My best friend camera not my work camera, finally breathed it's last breath. I've know it was coming, It' been sick awhile. {smile} I'm guilty,I've treated it a bit too rough. Unlike my work camera that stays locked in a camera bag, my best friend camera rarely sees the inside of a camera bag and is with me most of the time. So, after two years of being laid wherever, stuffed in pool bags, pocketbooks, glove boxes, bicycle baskets and spent many a day in  hostile conditions, it has died and gone to Nikon heaven. May it now rest in peace. I used it this weekend, but along with other mechanical issues, I had to manually focused everything, which is why some of these pictures may be fuzzy.  If my favorite elf is reading; I'm hoping Santa comes early, wink-wink

Our weekend started with out small-town Christmas parade. I love small-town! My girls couldn't wait to see Brooke, my lifesaver!
 There's a new sheriff in town!
 What a creative way to pass out candy! I bet he's met my old neighbor {smile}
One of the sweetest families in town, Robert and Kathy Epps 
Our church wraps gifts each year! It a great service for those of us you who can have it all together this early! My sister is DONE shopping and the gifts are wrapped! Pretty impressive for myself, who enjoys shopping on Christmas eve!
The kids enjoyed the day with Honey, while Jeff and I covered some major ground Christmas shopping!
We braved Toys-r-Us and found the last two Cloud B Twilight Turtles, well on was a ladybug. My nieces have one and they are a hot toy this Christmas!  (check them out)

Brantley said...

My boys have a twilight turtle and love it!! I didn't realize they were a hot item...I ordered one from Amazon last week for my nephew! :) PS -- you should do a post about what kind of "best friend camera" you recommend.

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