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Santa please bring me a new fun camera....
I've been watching and Santa's been looking. Which one seems to be the biggest question. My husband is a reader, he reads and researchers and seems to know just about anything about just about any camera. Nikon or Canon This seems to be he question I am asked most often. And, I'll admit, I've asked this question, too. Through all of my husband's research (and believe me, it was extensive!), he has concluded: It all depends on personal preference. They are both excellent cameras. I'm a Nikon Girl, but only because that is where I began long ago...I love a nice lens, so  now I am invested.  
 I have a work camera and a best friend camera. If I were rich and famous, my work camera would have a twin and that would be my bestie... But, since I am not and I insist on having a camera almost always, I have a different camera for fun. My husband bought me the D90 two years ago and I have loved this camera to death. (which it now is very close to death) I highly recommend this camera, it wasn't terribly expensive. It's stayed close by every day of those two years.  Worth every penny!  The new Nikon series is out of this world! I've tried the D3000, D5000 and D7000. And, in my opinion, in two short years, they have all surpassed the D90. My husband has researched and compared all the details and he is leaning towards the D7000
   Here's a penny for my thoughts on photographing children or just life in general. 
 {Take Your Camera Everywhere}
 You never know when you will see something wonderful. When I purchase a new purse (which is about once every couple of years) it must meet two criteria:  1. It must hold my camera  2. It must conceal a large diet coke sitting upright (yeah, a scary combinations for the inside of a purse)  My camera goes everywhere with me. Here are a few things I got because I had my camera in my purse;
Mary Claire, home sick from school, in her PJ's at 3:00 in the afteroon on The Country Club Golf Course.
 This spontaneous precious moment I want to remain in my memory forever. 
My everyday.  This is the sweet lady serves me my (one) diet coke. 
Be ready when you can't resist but to smile! Love Mallory's hubby's cool pants against the wild tiled floor!  

 {Get Rid Of Your Toy Camera}
Tiny, slim, techno-looking cameras that fit right in your pocket, no matter how many mega-pixels, are toys.  Save them for the kids, Anna Katherine loves hers. Get yourself a DSLR
One of the hottest DSLR on the market; The Nikon D5000
 My sister in law, who has always been a great photographer, just purchased one and I'm pretty sure she is in love!
My mother too... got the new 5000 and loves it!
My sister just became a Cannon girl.... She purchased a Cannon EOS Rebel Tsi and is loving the results. The quality is fabulous!
 {Turn off your flash and turn up the ISO} 
Available light is beautiful and often a flash is the recipe for disaster! Experiment first outdoors.
{Shoot images like crazy}
 Don’t wait for the “perfect moment” to magically appear…  start clicking away like your life depends on it!  Perfect moments will appear, you'll be amazed! Memory cards are cheap and you can always delete later. (but, do not be too quick to delete, ou never know what you may have!)
Play with your photos, every photo can be made a better with a bit of editing. Tilt it, tweak it, crop it, play with the color! And you do not have to have fancy editing software. The Nikon program that comes with your camera is simple, easy and works great! iPhoto is terrific (but then again, isn't everything Apple makes just great?...sorry...that was for Shannon) I use Adobe CS5. I like it, but oh my... excuse my sourthern-ness, it takes 'some learnin!' I used Adobe Elements 8 and really loved it, very user friendly! However, when I changed computer systems, I upgraded. And, honestly I use the same tools in CS5 as I did in  Elements 8. And, it is a fraction of the price.

{Get Up - Get Down} 
Kids are little. Get down and shoot on their level or make them look up to yours. Experiment!

 {Background, Background, Background}
 Simplify, simply, simply
{Try a tripod}
My buddy Shannon and I differ on this piece of advice. I love a tripod. But, not always, it's harder to shoot candidly with a tripod. But, when posing a picture, trust me, use a tripod! You do not have to continuously recomposition your images.

My last and final tip
Take Your Camera Everywhere
 Every picture has a story. Freeze the magic moments. I promise, you'll treasure them forever.
Brantley said...

Great post, Heidi!!! Thanks for all the tips. I bought a D3000 last year and LOVE it! Although I really wish I had gotten the D5000 becuase of the movie mode and the live monitor. With the D3000 I have to use the viewfinder, which I don't mind, but when I hand off my camera for someone else to take a picture, they usually aren't comfortable looking through the viewfinder. The good thing is that when I upgrade I can still use the extra lenses I purchased. :) Hope yall have a very blessed Christmas!!

Auralee said...

Great tips Heidi. BTW - I always have my "baby camera" in my purse no matter where I go. It's like my wallet and cell phone, never leave home without it. My Nikon DSLR doesn't always make it on the trip, but when planned ahead of time, it's def. there. Thanks again, see you soon, and have a wonderful Christmas. You're family is so beautiful!

The Avery House said...

Great tips Heidi!!! I just purchased the Nikon D 90 and LOVE it!!! I am a very novice photographer and learn new tricks daily. I just took the training wheels off the D90 and I am now in M mode and I am having so much fun. My goal is just to improve day by day. Thanks again for your tips. Your pictures are stunning!

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