Breakfast a-la Anna Katherine

The past two Saturday mornings, have been mornings before big-big weddings. This  means sleeping in, relaxing and planning for a long night. I awoke, later than usual, to the smell of breakfast cooking! Anna Katherine, my early bird, was busy in the kitchen. Our family has been on weight Watchers since the New Year, so she was careful to measure everything out and use the 'Weight Watcher' friendly non-fat butter. {such a good girl}

I picked up these cute heart shaped egg and pancake cookers. {$2 at Target}
Our adopted dog BAY, who loves to eat, must have smelled the sausage cooking.
  What's daddy is saying...."Please Heidi... no pictures..."

bevy said...

Wish S would cook breakfast for all of us. He thinks it's my job because I'm the MOM!

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