bugs, birthdays & baskets

“How many of your kids have ever hand vomiting at once?”  And when I say at once, I mean at once.  I’ve had 3/3. Myself included and a husband who has stayed healthy, but declares hourly he feels like he’s ‘getting it.‘   Good times.
Mary Claire has been hit hardest. Her little 50 pounds just couldn't withstand this awful monster! Stomach viruses are random creatures. Each creature having a “personality” of its own—some hit hard and fast, raging through your family in 24 hours. Others are less violent and harder to pin down. “Did she just eat something funny?” You find yourself asking, and “Didn’t someone just have the stomach bug?” This strand has been the worst ever.
And, then the make up work.  "Keep your children home if they are sick." Definitely, I agree, 100%. But while violently ill, it's a little hard to complete a stack of make up work. Even more difficult to return to school, after being absent two days, copy your study buddy's notes and cram for three major tests the next day. Good times.
Bennett spent his birthday hugging the red bucket. Just pitiful...He ate one piece of cake and kept it down record time. And, he definitely did not blow out the candles. (I think those germs would have ignited the house.) He didn’t have the strength to make it through the entire “Happy Birthday song.” We will celebrate Friday...promise.

No more stomach bug posting... except hopefully not to say my husband now has it. Only one small wish:  for simplicity’s sake, stomach viruses should have to identify themselves completely. Just give me a hint... how violent of a creature are you and how long do you plan to stay?

On a happier much healthier and happier note, these pictures are from my sister's vegetable co-op. It was my turn to sort and lucky me, it was freezing cold. Remember that trick  I mentioned... if your teenager won't smile for pictures? Well, it works on neighbors, too! This is my sister's award winning, most wonderful neighbor. She was there to help... and it wasn't even her turn. This was her reaction to my camera...
Keep clicking...I'll admit, if someone came at me... 7:30 am, minus make up and caffeine, I wouldn't be too thrilled! Seriously, I would kill me for posting this pictures! Her only consolation is knowing that I looked ten times worse on the other side of the camera.
Here's the highlight of the morning...my precious nephew.
 He loves 'nanas' and when a case was delivered... I think he thought they fell from heaven!
 Great looking baskets!

bevy said...

Hope everyone is on the mend REAL SOON! xox

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