Before I tell you about our fabulous youth trip, one side note... I'm on the verge of losing my mind... Just so you know. 

I felt sure, Mary Claire roller skating in her undies and daddy's socks, was a sure sign our house was on the mend. Well, we are not. It still sounds like the little house of horrors. While Mary Claire was receiving her anti-nausea shot, the doctor noticed she had an awful ear infection. Her ear drum ruptured last night. This is a first for us. From her screams, it's painful.  So we are back to the doctor today. A solid week, no school, no work, little sleep.  (A big germ-free thank you to all of my customers who have been juggled around this week.)

Now for our incredible youth trip...

I'm proud to say that we have one incredible youth group and led by a fabulous leader! (who also loves fudge)
Times have changed... I blame some of this on computers  and cell phones technology. I worry about our youth, my youth! I feel kids are looking for someone to say (not text or Facebook), “I’m proud of you.  I love you.”  If the church doesn’t affirm our young people, they’ll find it somewhere. And it could be in ways and places that are quite scary and destructive.  Jeff and I left this trip confident that Kevin was very proactive in this area.  He let them know, “God loves you, and so do I.We have found a gem in a youth minister!
We had the opportunity to hear some incredible Christian praise music.  The youth were out of their seats,  the Holy Spirit was "In the House!" Watching these children, feeling the power and presence, it literally brought us to tears!

One important message over the weekend was, "Life is about God, not them." This goes for adults, too. Even after all the super loud music, we were listening.  But can't children these days seem very selfish? (or maybe that's just my kids, smile) One message, "It's time to get your eyes off you and onto God."Challenging them to be more like John the Baptist. Who said that he must decrease so that Jesus can increase.  {Amen}

Humor was also 'In the house.' Remember my husband was in attendance. You learn a lot about a group of people when you spend this much time together. A few of the fun did you know highlights of the weekend:
Did you know:-I can find a deal on pizzas! If you haven't heard (if you were on the trip, I'm sure you did several times) Large, delicious pizzas, 42 for $140! We were eating pizza three meals a day! Kids were departing for home carrying pizza boxes!
Did you know: This is not the Thompson's first youth trip rodeo! In fact, they could run the rodeo blindfolded! Thank you a million times to Mrs. Elaind and Willie T!
Did you know:This isn't Brooke's first rodeo either! I've been on my share of trips with this blonde bombshell! But, never with the big kids. She really makes a trip fun! And, did you know, even grown ups can stay up chatting until 2 in the morning!
Did you know:Riding with Sonny down a frozen mountain is scarier than -chancing a broken chair lift up a mountain in a blizzard 
-riding an aerial tram with one broken cable 
-strapping my boots on and hiking down the mountain in snake season
Did you know:(oh where do I start)  Jeff and Sonny snuck off shopping and were called 'eye candy.'
Did you know:Sonny fixed the bus. Mary said the bus was in pretty bad shape. Her words, "It sounds like we keep hitting small animals."
Did you know:Mary can ice skate. Her and her little  Dorothy Hamill ice skating self was a vision on ice. Showing the kids moves they had never seen before, twirling and spinning all over the off.  Brooke and I hung with the not so brave, eating fudge, watching from the balcony... while Mary worked it.
Did you know:Mary really - really likes fudge. Guard your confections.
Did you know:the real story behind all the fudge comments? You know the mountains are full of fudge shops.  1000 calories or not, we all had to have some. An adult or child, not sure, made this  comment while Mary was placing her fudge order, "Mrs. Mary! You know you don't need to be buying all that fudge." She was to come back. WOW... that will kill an appetite. Notice Jeff had to force feed her buffet fudge! 
Did you know:Sonny won the Mr. Photogenic contest. He was such a natural in front of the camera! In fact, if I had a quarter for every time he asked me to take his picture... I'd buy five pounds of fudge (don't worry Mary, I'll share.) 
Did you know:we got the awesome opportunity to see  our young people come to trust Christ, grow in their faith, impact their friends, and promise to serve the Lord faithfully. This trip was a blessing!  
The Manager of Many said...

CUTE!!!! But poor MC!!! My eardrum has ruptured a few times and it is for sure ranked up there with labor pains! AW-FUL!
I hope y'all are all feeling better soon.

bevy said...

Love your youth weekend! My oldest loves Contemporary Christiam music, especially Skillet. Has your son listened to them? They are pretty loud, but I took him to see them for his birthday last year. Yes, I won mom of the year!

Can't wait to go with his youth group to Winter Jam. We went last year and loved it!

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