fake snow session

  I have loved looking at all of the   Fake Snow  sessions! Thank you all so much for sharing! Talk about creativity! 

There was only one person who didn't follow the directions. {use fake snow} My buddy Shannon  promises this picture was done using fake snow. Since it just snowed real snow, and if you've read my posts about Shannon, we know all to well, she's messing with me!

And, Anna Katherine, hairy snow toes do not count either.
I choose this one particular session to share... for sentimental reasons. Mary Elizabeth's  session with her boyfriend, who was a great sport, was another reminder how time flies! Our family has known Mary Elizabeth since she was tiny! She was our neighbor, babysitter, extraordinary dancer and friend.  She's now a Pharmacist, still beautiful and all grown up.The picture below seemed like it was taken yesterday..sniff-sniff! 

ABSOLUTELY wonderful! All prints  will be mailed out Monday January17. Thanks to all!
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