land of the living

I am slowly creeping my way back into the land of the living.  My diet over the last three days has consisted of four Gatorades and a few crackers. 

We just returned from a wonderful weekend with our church youth group. So many wonderful things happened, such a great group to travel with and so much to share. But, it must wait. 

 As we were packing to leave, I was the first to fall. I got sick. For me to just say I was sick would be an understatement. This has been brutal. It came on within 15 minutes and since that minute, I have been in bed vaguely aware of my surroundings. Thank God, my husband was there to help. He was able to call a pharmacy and place me in a mild coma for the 5hr. ride home. At first I thought it was the 'oh so dreaded' stomach bug. But this has proven far worse than the run of the mill 24hr stomach bug. PLUS, as of Monday morning, eight other youths (including my middle child) have come down with the same 'bug.' I'm seriously guessing it was a type of 'food poisoning.' I am guessing maybe, just maybe from the late night dinner the evening before. As you can see it was at a mega bar restaurant.  Food on a mega bar at 9:00pm could be a little questionable.   

Auralee said...

My goodness - I hope you're much better and back to your old self, very soon!

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