Personally, I love it.  We are far from perfect, but as a former teacher and parent, I feel memorization builds mental discipline, confidence, and sharpens those little minds.  In school, my children are required to memorize a weekly Bible scripture. I am amazed at how many they know and their long term retention. Their philosophy (and mine), if your child knows scripture by memory, they will draw from God’s word when in a moment of need. I do not home school, God bless those who do, but I did find this great homeschooling method of scripture memorization to help me reinforce memorization at home.  It's the  Simply Charlotte Mason method. 

I have seen mom's in the blog community using chalkboards to teach / reinforce memorization. I wanted one!  I went in search (at the ole antique mall) for a unique picture and frame I could turn into a chalkboard. For $19, I found exactly what I was looking for. 

*I had to make sure the picture was a solid, smooth surface.
Four coats of chalkboard paint later and my project was complete. The easiest project ever!
I placed the chalkboard in a high traffic area {I smile, because that's my entire house} I choose the top of my stairs, between the children's  bedrooms.
First up on the cahlkboard:
{Black History} 
After our dinnertime conversation a few nights ago, I am committed to culturally educating my culturally uneducated children.
There's no end to what kids can memorize! My personal rule, only the most worthwhile facts are worth our time. Can you think of anything they have memorized?
Brantley said...

What a timely post! For the past year I have been part of an M&M (Memorize & Meditate) Ladies Group at my church. We memorize & meditate on a new verse each week. I have surprised myself with how much I've retained! And the children do a Catechism & Scripture memory program that starts at age 2 -- I've been even more surprised with how well Mason has done!

Natalie said...

What a precious site! There is nothing sweeter to me than children quoting scripture. I love this idea of a chalkboard too! I just might have to make one. :)

Auralee said...

You're so creative Heidi! Great idea and inspiration.

bevy said...

Great idea... I need to find a good place in my house!

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