MLK and vintage junk

It has been brought to my attention... that in the midst of teaching multiplication facts, states and capitals, stems, vocabulary words, spelling words, phonics, rules of grammar, SC history and manners.... I have forgotten one very important subject. {Black History}  After our dinnertime conversation, it was confirmed, as a teacher / parent, when it comes to black history...  I have failed miserably.  I asked each one of my children two questions. Here's what they said:    

"Who was Martin Luther King?"

7yr.  old:   "WHO?"
12yr. old:   "Uuuuhhhhhmmmmm....."
14yr. old:   "Why do you want to know?"

"What was his famous saying?"

7yr.  old:   "I told you, I don't know him."
12yr. old:   "Something about a dream...or a bus."
14yr. old:   "Why do you want to know?"

(This was my 14yr. old's  humor)
Seriously, we will be learning  Black History.

During the long MLK weekend, we made a trip to Lexington, my hometown. 
First stop...Monkey Joe's.
Second Stop... JUNK Antique Mall 
I was in search of a very large vintage frame.
As you will see, it's not your average run of the mill antique mall. We found a few things we decided could nicely be called vintage...but, not antiques... 

Vintage as in a stack of used tooth brushes. Nasty, but only a dollar!
Vintage as in high heel tennis shoes - go figure! Monogrammed with a G, just for me! My ankle aches at the sight.
Official vintage junk. A Halloween witch minus her ceramic nose.
Seriously?  Definitely vintage pornography. I kept trying to picture the person who would choose this coffee table for their living room? 
 The Ole Towne did have some really cool antiques. 
Here a few few of my favorites.
 "Danger Girl"  Mrs. Kelly's name for Anna Katherine's  when she was a toddler! 
 I really wanted this cookie bin to be mine. But, it was $300 and very large.
I did find my frame, I'll share my finished project this week. But my big find of the day... 
a vintage land camera 
(for only $17) And, the shutter still works! I left a very happy camper!

The Manager of Many said...

i am in search of a frame too!!! did they have others?? i want to do a corkboard or chalkboard. can't wait to see what you do with yours!!!!

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