New Year's Eve & Resolutions

       So this year, I decided again, to only set one resolution (I have a secret list of an endless number of self improvements)I plan to read Bible from cover to cover. I read the Bible, but I have never stared at the beginning and planned to read to the end. What a great way to see the big picture, God's entire plan. Reading "God's own words."   I am so excited, I began early.
      I looked at several Bible reading guides and various Bibles, before choosing this one. It is a simple plan, dated and each day you read the Old Testament, New Testament, and Psalms or Proverbs. I also liked the easy to read New Living Translation. I do not plan on understanding all of the scripture the first time, but I plan to read, pray, ask questions, and reach the end.  
I was surprised to learn that only 10% of Christians have read the entire Bible, cover to cover. I hope by 2012, this 10% to includes me!  While reading, I found (and added to my secret list) these  wonderful resolutions; 
This coming year, Let us …
Give up complaining . . . focus on gratitude.
Give up harsh judgments . . . think kind thoughts.
Give up worry . . . trust divine providence.
Give up discouragement . . . be full of hope.
Give up bitterness . . . turn to forgiveness.
Give up hatred . . . return good for evil.
Give up anger . . . practice patience.
Give up pettiness . . . put on maturity.
Give up gloom. . . enjoy the beauty that is around me.
Give up gossiping . . . control my tongue.

Here's some scenes from our wild and rockin' New Year's Eve {wink}
We enjoyed dinner out with some new 'school-town' friends. Jeff made a huge impression. These are fortune cookies, if you're wondering.

We picked the girls up and headed home. Anna Katherine kept reminding us that 'last year we made them go to bed before midnight.' Honestly, I do not remember making them go to bed...but I used this to my advantage...It was because you all were arguing, love one another and you can stay up all night. The instigator Mary Claire knew this might be impossible. Just in case, she created a "Tickit to Bed"  
Since mom didn't buy celebrations goodies (not impulse buying, it's on my secret list) Anna Katherine crafted the night away. Creating her own fabulous party favors.
Mary Claire cartwheeled the night away. She has now perfected the 'one handed' cartwheel. I pray for no broken bones or head injuries in 2011.
A little more picture cooperation would be great for the year 2011. My teen avoids the camera at all times. This is his reaction {honestly} when I said, Bennett let me get one quick picture.  
My remedy: At the first sign of resistance,start snapping pictures like crazy ....
The realization their temper tantrum is being photographed for possible Internet sharing will set in. Within a few shutter clicks,  they will quickly shape up and cooperate. {works with husbands and tweens,too}
Daddy was a party animal. A unicorn to be exact. 
Daddy, Anna Katherine and myself made it until midnight!

bevy said...

I am so impressed! I must admit that I probably will forever be in the 90%...

Also, what a wonderfully creative child you have with all her NYE decor! Love it!

Jo said...

You have a designer on your hands ~ love those party ideas!

Clever idea with just shooting away. I'm going to have to give that one a try.

I'm focusing on a Bible study this year with Beth Moore. One day I hope to pick up speed and join you in the 10% but for now I'm starting small :)


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