one more treasure

Or shall I say, "Diamond Cubic Zirconia in the rough..." $20 from The Ole Antique Mall. Mary Claire is forever  'dragging' chairs here and there using them for a stepping stool. My floors are really paying the price. After looking and looking for a stepping stool that was high enough,  wasn't plastic and didn't cost $100... I decided to make my own. 
Again so very easy: Popped off the top, a little bit of sanding, mineral spirits to clean, a trip to Hobby Lobby for plastic, fabric and paint, about an hour and it was done. (sorry for the major run on sentence, I'm in a hurry!) My one tip; I am a firm believer in good paint! 
The tennis ball sliders aren't prettiest, but the store bought fuzzy sliders fall off. And, one of my main goals was to make the stool 'floor friendly.'  I did however, choose a fabric that coordinated with the neon yellow balls. I covered the fabric with clear plastic for easy clean up.
She loves it, I love it, my cleaning lady even said she loved it! We'll see how well that old $20 stool holds up time after time to 100+ lb.  people!

bevy said...

That looks amazing! I'd thought of covering my kitchen chairs like that... However, I just put old towels in the seats of my messy boys! Is it really that easy to cover fabric with clear plastic? Could I cover the fabric currently I the seat of the chair? Or would I have to start from scratch?

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