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It's been a wonderful New Year's weekend. I have pictures to share, but there's a mountain of laundry calling my name, so they must wait a bit. But, I did have one tidbit I wanted to share while it was still fresh. If you attend our church or have visited FBC, you will agree that we have a phenomenal preacher.  So out of the ordinary, his ability to preach the word of God is a gift.  Our children's minister a few years ago, developed a program to encourage the children to start taking sermon notes. It was a fabulous idea! Teaching the children to pay attention while decreasing the amount of parental manhandling was brilliant.  At the end of the service, children turn in their notes to Mrs. Pat and Miss Brooke and pick a treat from the coveted prize box.  It was a huge hit, always a  swarm of kids at their door each Sunday. {can I get an Amen!}
Anna Katherine was my first child to take part in this program. My husband sings in the choir, so we have always sat separately, I felt it was my responsibility to  teach her how to take sermon notes properly. Nothing elaborate, my main goal was to have her pay attention to the sermon. Simply listen form beginning to end and write down the important things you hear. 

At the age of 4 Mary Claire joined us in the church pew. Getting a child, (especially this child),  acclimated to sitting still, listening and being quiet is a task so huge, many Sundays I was begging for divine intervention. But, that tiny teat, every Sunday, encouraged her to also start taking sermon notes. She was too young to write sentences, I simply divided her sheet into boxes and she drew things she heard. Again, nothing elaborate, my main goal was to have her  sit still and pay attention beginning to end. She may do so sitting on the pew or sitting on the floor at my feet, I just want her to pay as close as attention as a 7year old can. As the years have passed, we began including words, phrases and now we are up to full blown sentences.
Many Sundays, I must say,  it's hard for me to pay full attention between all of the "How do you spell... or what did Pastor Bruce just say?" I really don't mind.  But, lately she hasn't asked many questions, just filled up her sheet and flew to the treat box the second she hears Amen. Today I noticed she was coloring and not taking notes.  "an AMEN from the pulpit" She flew from the pew.  {mom intervention}  Wait just one minute.... Let me see your notes... Here's what was written

SIN  -  Cross  -  LOVE  - The Bible - Jesus  -  God  - Forgiveness  - PRAY

Oh no mam, theses are not notes, you've just written down words.  Her response, quite clever I must say; "No momma, no mamma, every Sunday Pastor Bruce's sermon says this." Hhhmmm, true...and witty....but sorry, no treat. You must take notes beginning to endThat's when the {silent} temper tantrum began and I had to practically pull her to the car. Tears flowed the entire ride home.  Choose you battles. With high hopes she will now pay closer attention from beginning to end, this is one battle I had to choose.

bevy said...

Actually, seems like she DID hit all the high notes !

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