snow day

 To me snowy days feel like you have pushed the pause button...or maybe the slow motion button. With the rush of school, work, activities... it's so nice to just chill {smile}.  The weather man is predicting power outages, so we were up extra early preparing. Gas tanks for the fire filled, a couples days worth of dinners ready, favorite cozy pants washed and waiting. So...we are set just in case. So we bundled up and  headed out in the 28 degree weather to play.  
Our favorite snowy day activity!
Blind tubing, notice the hats!
The feet....the hat...Mary Claire kept us laughing!
Since discovering Netflix through our Wii system, we've been hooked on reruns of The Office.   Today, we were still laughing at the episode when Dwight was hit with a snowball.   The snow is light and fluffy, perfect for snowballs. Not the big hard hard kind (that's what she said) The kind that  leave you feeling dazed and confused! Bennett and his daddy were hard at it!
On snowy days, out in our neck of the woods (literally) the  neighbors are out and ready to to pull something with something! Creative sledding, redneck sledding, whatever you want to call it. In the course of pur afternnon, we saw boat tubes, sandbox covers, antique sleighs and even dog food bags (that was a new one)

Bennett beamed snowballs at the riders most of the time. Snowballs in a horse pasture can be a little scary. Tan snowballs means keep your lips closed at all times! After watching him relentlessly hit his sister over a dozen times within a minute, daddy tossed one his way.
Then off to "the new neighborhood." It not really a neighborhood yet, because it was terribly expensive and after three years remains completely empty. It's more like our neighborhood park where we play and exercise. Today the park was full of great neighbors! We made a date, tomorrow; same time, same place!

We made another play-date appointment for tomorrow! The pretty snow is quickly turning into slippery ice, so faster sledding to come. We are praying we will continue to have electricity!

Ahhhh, a great day. And now for the best part; Relaxing with my favorites by the fire without the TV   (Satellite is out)
bevy said...

Too beautiful! We have been out of school for two days... Thank goodness tomorrow is only a delay and then backnto normal!

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