mittens and tiaras

Time to head back to school, back to work... This morning's two hour snow delay did help us  ease back into reality. Back to work for me is quite amusing because half of the time I work from home. Something about my entire family lounging around or playing outside caused my 'in home' office to close, too.
My girls love the TV show Toddler and Tiaras. I have watched... maybe twice and I'll admit...there's some morbid fascination about all of it. Of course they do not show the normal pageant parents, only the ones mortgaging homes to support their pageant addiction...a train wreck, plain and simple. 

My girls spent some of their indoor snow play reenacting Toddlers and Tiaras. I walked in right as the 'talent' portion was set to begin...hence the tap shoes.
 Please tell me this smile wouldn't win first place! Who needs Flippers when we have choppers like these!
 The trophies were silver pencils.
Even Charlie was a contestant on the show.  Mary Claire said, "Mom it was the darkest color I had."  As long as she doesn't try spray tanning him we are OK. In our house who needs imaginary friends? {smile}

bevy said...

Have nor had the privilege to watch -yet. But with everyone tweeting, FBing, and blogging about the train wreck it is, I am looking for it to DVR!

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