weekend what nots

Update from the infirmary:   Rocephin shots for the weekend. If you've had one, you know they hurt! Mary Claire is still home from school and still feels like drums are playing in her ears. Daddy did get sick, for the entire weekend. Flu like symptoms seem to be the new illness raging through our house. Summer, please hurry! 

We did get to squeeze in a small celebration for Bennett's 15th birthday. Small, just a few friends, chicken wings and a movie.  
Anna Katherine took one step closer to feeling like a teenager.  A shopping trip, alone for the first time. This was a big deal, getting to pick out her own dress for the dance. 
We enjoyed seeing GoGo. This is a whole lot of cute wrapped into this little girl!
While Anna Katherine shopped for an hour, my sister and I enjoyed  Kathy's baby shower. The cake was precious, Tanya did a great job welcoming Kathy's new baby girl! This little bundle will not need clothes until she is at least a year old. She too, plans to venture down the cloth diaper road. My sister is a cloth diaper champ. These new fancy diapers need instructions to put on.  She gave everyone an impressive impromptu demonstration.
my sister and Roger - my grandmother (Carrie) - two cousins (Tanya and Kathy) - aunt (Becky) - and me 
My nephew stole the show, being as cute as ever!
Crossing our fingers for a healthy week. Winter break is coming up and I pray H1N1 doesn't pay us a visit.  

bevy said...

What a time your family has had this past week or so! I hope you all get better very soon!!!

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