winter: quick and easy

Seasonal decorating - I love it! But, winter is always a challenge. Here's a few  quick and easy winter crafts.

Monogram a Christmas or snowy wreath. Then it doesn't look that Christmas-y at all.
Hometown Girl created these. It would be perfect if you have a family full of readers! Sheet music would make it perfect for my family.
Hometown Girl's fabric wreath. This is a beauty!
stick snowflakes 
I actually made these several years ago. They have held up great year after year!
How Southern is this! Snowballs and cotton!
After Christmas I love looking for discounted tree ornaments that can carry to winter. I picked up these wooden snow flakes for less than $2.  And with a little hot glue, my ordinary wreath was ready for winter.
I came across this recipe in a magazine, in a waiting room - a long time ago. It is SO quick and easy. I'm almost ashamed to share, it's so quick and easy! You can always remember the ingredients and it's great if you are last minute and want a hot dinner!

*Cheese Ravioli(cooked)  *Spaghetti Sauce *Velvet-a 
*Frozen Veggies  *Italian Sausage *Feta or Parmesan cheese
Slow cook the pasta sausage and Velvet-a. Add the cooked Italian Sausage. Pour our cheese ravioli and top with feta cheese. (anything tastes great topped with feta cheese!)

Sam said...

love the wreaths! and my sister LOVES cheese ravioli! I'm def. going to share the recipe with her!

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