$7 lamp

My friend Melissa and the blog, Young House Love, got me inspired. 

Pretty proud of my $7 lamp I picked up at the thrift store! I loved the retro green, I loved the shape, I even loved the  shade it came with. I was totally expecting Jeff to have to rewire, I was shocked when it worked!  About a 30 minute project.
A quick $5 trip to Hobby Lobby
With wire, a needle and thread... and a bit of hot glue... I created a bow in pieces.
Cut the stem off of the flower... again, needle and thread, wire and hot glue.
A little too much green on green, I know... soon I will be painting the walls.

Jo said...

Oooooh, love the new dressed up look!


Tricia said...

Heidi: Thank you for your comment on my blog! I love your new lamp and shade. Such a cute idea! Tricia

jen said...

I so love this little project. The lamp looks fantastic. Thank you so much for the idea and hope you don't mind that I will surely be stealing this idea as I need I new lamp in my room. The husband "accidently" broke my other one!

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