Tuesday, February 22, 2011

army men

This past weekend at almost all times, we had at least double the amount of children we have, in our house. It was great. Sunday afternoon, Bennett had some school friends over for an air-soft war. Another mom said, "Watch, they will spend more time planning, dressing up and getting ready than actually playing." That was true.

Watching your teenage son play Army man, is as sweet as realizing your 12year old daughter still likes Barbies. Sweet.
But feeding this crew....
 Mary Claire couldn't resist... she joined the big boys on the trampoline. She plays as rough as any teenage boy. But, one body slam from a big boy sent us in for an x-ray. Thankfully NO broken bones! 


jen said...


Thanks for stoppIng by my blog! I must admit I have neglected my children all morning reading your blog and looking at your fabulous pictures! (just kidding) Seriously I love finding new blogs and your family is just beautiful and your picture are stunning! That little one of yours seems like a lot of fun. Glad her arm is alright. Have a wonderful day!

Stef said...

Oh my! Those pictures give me flashes of what is soon to come! With 4 boys I don't think I have a choice.
I bet you would have a totally different perspective of growing up with a Deaf dad. Following your blog, btw.

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