best of times...worst of times

 OK... now for the most memorable part of our trip.  The car ride.  We travel everywhere in my car. A very big car. Right before we left, my car was having a tire issue. I put it off and put it off, the fix would have taken all of ten minutes. So the night before, it was decided. We would take daddy's company car. A small car without a TV. One perk... the gas was paid for. We packed light, armed ourselves with a laptop, an iPad, some iPods and movies. We crammed in the car for an 8 hour drive. (I seriously had nightmares anticipating this drive.)

The traveling quarters were tight, but he ride down went great! Minus a couple issues, the kids did great.  Did I mention the bribe? The money we would save on gas would now be split between them... their spending money.... if they behaved.  This played a huge role.

The ride back was a little different story. First, we all stepped in gasoline at the first restroom stop. The fumes forced us to individually bag everyone's shoes. A huge ordeal everytime we had to leave the car. Plus gasoline seeps through plastic. We sniffed fumes the entire way.
Next, Anna Katherine's toy busted. Funny at first. But when the white 'toy guts' coated everything in the car, it wasn't so funny.
 It rained the entire trip home. The entire trip... this slowed everything down. The kids were going stir crazy. Here they are running laps around the car!
We tried to stop every couple of hours... refueling on junk food. Mary Claire earned a new nick name:  Baby-spills-a-lot    Notice the floor. Most of her Sprite went in my shoe.
 Almost home and the kids find a role of daddy's packing tape. No we did not do this! The kids did this to each other. Pure insanity.

 Almost 9 hours later... We made it home! It was the best of times and the worst of times. Definitely THE single most memorable car ride.

bevy said...

This post is priceless!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures were great! I usually worry about taking long car rides with my children too, but we kind of got the groove of it. I like to bring games for them to play and books. I added to my list my Ipad. I work for DISH Network and have their TV Everywhere with them. It works out great when they start getting restless. Anywhere we are at I can get love TV and all our DVR recordings. So any shows they had recording while we were gone they can watch. It is a lifesaver.

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