Bieber Fever

Yes my big girl has the little girl has the fever...their friends have the fever and I have the fever! We pre-bought tickets for the Justin Bieber movie, opening day. It did not disappoint. I had no idea Usher was involved with his success. I was really impressed with this little guy!
 The girls did a little shopping at Sandhills after the movie. They were in search of Justin Bieber things! Naturally Claire's was the first store the hit. (I'm not a fan of this overpriced kid store) Isn't this a lovely $15 necklace? 

They even let Mary Claire tag along. All she wanted was hand sanitizer.

I loved the way she carried her little purse with eight little scrunched up dollar bills inside.  This warms my heart! I love this little girl to pieces!
 The drive home was LOUD, giggling girls and Justin Bieber music on full volume. Times to remember. I had my heart se on a huge cheeseburger. But, the girls opted out of dinner at Red Robin when they heard the 45 minute wait time. Instead they choose home pizza and Wii Just Dance.
I did fix a little treat I found while blog hopping. DELICIOUS super easy brownies! 

 Super easy. I use cupcake holders for my brownies (for portion control) Pour a spoon full of mix on the bottom, add a piece of chocolate and cover the top with a thin coat.  Absolutely  DELICIOUS!

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