braid proud

We are so proud of this little braid. Last year about this time, Mary Claire took her daddy electric clippers to the front of her hair. It was a mess.

I think almost all kids sometime cut their hair. All of my children. Anna Katherine was four and chopped off her beautiful golden hair a month before she was the flower girl in my sister's wedding. Bennett cut  his bangs to the scalp. No biggie, since he's a boy, we just shaved it all.

 Mary Claire cut her hair three times. Three times within two months. And she was six years old! The first time it was just a little while sitting in preschool. Second time she cut a chunk. Her tomboy excuse,  "I got a stick caught in my hair so I cut it out." I scolded her. I thought after the scolding she would never attempt it again.   wrong

The third time was a doozie. When I discovered this, it was like a switch flipped  
 good mom bad mom     It's one of those parenting moments you think back on and  regret. We are not big screamers. Except  "Get in the car!"  the mornings we are running late, we try to never raise our voice - key word being try. We prefer to parent using mind control (wink) instead of yelling. I can scare them a whole lot more when I am calm. (wink) But, on this night I fussed and yelled... probably loud enough for my friends in town to hear. The next morning I was still fussing... I am so ashamed to admit, I was so angry... I thought, she is six years old, she knows better  and three times in 12 weeks.  Her punishment: Besides the mental scares from my tantrum,  she was not allowed to touch a pair of scissors, except at school, for weeks. And she was not allowed to complain when I  glued her hair back in a tiny pony tail. I would have bet the bank she would never cut it again.

I calmed down, felt extremely-extremely guilty, apologized, counted my blessings and felt like the worst mother in the world. Hair grows back and spirits are fragile

So one year later, we are so proud of this little simple braid with only a few short pieces mixed in.

clare said...

My daughter cut her hair when she was 5 and I screamed so loud (I am not a screamer either) that my husband came running thinking one of our kids was seriously hurt. Not a proud moment for me!

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