School Dances; Another realization my little kids are growing up. This weekend we had two dances; High School and Middle School. One in the school cafeteria and one at The Country Club. Bennett's sweet date was Caroline. I'm not allowed to talk about his girlfriends on my blog, only to mention or show them on major events. But, I will say she looked so beautiful. I walked Bennett to the door armed with my camera (funny how he knows it's frutile to protest). For a minute, it seemed we were standing in a teen movie scene:  waiting in her foyer, with her mom and dad as she came down the staircase. Her daddy seemed to tear up at her sight.... definitely a wow moment for us all...  Just so sweet.

Thy were dropped off at the Country Club, both mom's and little sister waving from the car as they walked in. I almost followed them with my camera.
 Seems the popular hot spot after school dances is the local Waffle House. Facebook has  brought a new appreciation for pictures. I got the vibes (between a few ahhh moms) the kids were grateful for the load of pictures. Here's the three Barons I chauffeured home.
Then there was the  middle school dance. Where most of the boys are shorter than the girls, the slow dancing is awkward and the dance floor is mostly segregated, (boys on one side and girls on the other). This didn't stop Anna Katherine from having the time of her life. It just thrills me to pieces thats she loves school and her friends so much. I'm sure there's some mean girls sprinkled in grade, but I rarely, if ever hear about them. She seems to have gravitated towards a very nice group of girls. Giggly and loud, but sweet. I pray it stays this way.

Anna Katherine was shocked that the 'soda fountains were all you could drink.' But, from the looks of some of her photos, it looks like there was more than soda pop pouring from those fountains! No worry, they were in a locked cafeteria with chaperons guarding the entrance. (Most likely  just trying to escape the mind altering loud African American dance music). 

All the little girl's were armed with toy cameras. Anna Katherine snapping pictures after picture of peace signs and pooched lipped. Hopefully these pictures will reinforce the rule 'always take two.' Blinks and blurs left her only four images I could salvage, so please excuse the red eyes and drunken looks.
Driving home, listening to her talk a mile a minute about every detail;  the soda fountain, some slow dance drama, the DJ, who's going out with who... I kept thinking how short the days are when girl's think boys have the cooties! Chasing boys now isn't the same as last years chasing them on the playground.
The Manager of Many said...

LOOOOOVE this! I miss those days myself, but find it very hard to believe that they are just around the corner for my boys {sigh}.
Any whoooo...great pics! The kids look great all doodied-up.

bevy said...

Just wanted to comment on the mean girls mention. When I was teaching at Sandhills (in Columbia), our kids had pen pals from WH. This kids were just about the nicest teenagers. I also was able to visit the middle school. Great kids!!!

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