One of my unspoken New Year's resolutions was to once and for all put my sensitive teeth issues to rest. This resolution was unspoken because I knew with my fear of the dentist, there was a good chance I would chicken out and continue to not  eat hot, or cold, or chew on my left or my right side. Maybe - just maybe - I could continue eating room temperature food in the center of my mouth.
Needing work on both sides, meant two long trips to the dentist. Two long mornings of hearing the music I know Satin has playing over the loud speakers in hell, the dental drill... My awesome-incredible dentist, Dr. Howell, referred me to a dentist in town that uses sedation.  Making two long visits just one super long visit I would never remember. I rarely say "money isn't an option." But,  in this case we all agreed the cost of sedation didn't matter. My new dentist  had been forewarned by my regular dentist.   "She's the one they warn you about in dental school."
The visit went great. I don't remember a thing! Dr. Biggins is my hero! He even sent me home with enough painkillers to stay pain free for 48 hours.

The office called the next day for a follow up. I was thrilled to report, "It was a nice experience. I didn't remember a thing."  Their response has puzzled me.  The office manager said, "You did great... after we calmed you down and got you to relax."  {???????}  I remembering falling asleep... quietly crying on the inside but calm, not making a scene. Not quite sure what happened during the next 6 hours. I just woke up tied to the chair... just kidding!
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