Grapefruit Stand

I think I have given birth to one of the world's future leading salesperson. The kind that can sell ice cubes to the Eskimos.  Saturday morning, I came home  from running  only to find, Mary Claire and our neighbor decided to set up a lemonade stand.

We live on a dead end road.
At the very end.
Only one problem. They didn't have any lemons. 
But, they had plenty of grapefruit.
So instead, they made homemade grapefruit juice.
They made $10 
And, not a single penny of it came from family members.
We were mortified to discover they had gone door to door.
 Mary Claire said, "One lady said she didn't want any lemonade, but she gave us $6."
(can you imagine my reaction after hearing this? I was mortified. )
Now, that's a girlfriend good at sales.
I will now be adding this to the list of her college credentials. 
Plus, sending thank you notes to my neighbors.

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